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Have you been struggling to connect with a loved one?

Do you find yourself in the same toxic relationship where the name and face change but the behavior doesn't?

Are you wanting to build a stronger bond with your child or parent?

Have you been interested in journaling but aren't sure where to start?


We've got the book for you!
Amore: Find Your Love Pattern

Golden Steel Plate
Golden Steel Plate

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A journey of self discovery and deeper connection all channeled for the collective.  Through unique guided visualizations, one-of-a-kind journal prompts, hand crafted personality assessments and other special techniques the reader will gain pieces to the puzzle which will ultimately form their Love Pattern.  Once equipped with the keys to unlocking their singular pattern they will end the odyssey with a new outlook, fresh advise, and a deeper connection with their relational template - one which celebrates their strengths and supports their perceived weakness as it relates to their bond with others but most importantly themself.  A riddle of the mind where the answers lay ready to be discovered - Amore is designed as a self-led practice from start to finish with suggested breaks and built in pacing to provide support as if you were working with a coach.  What will your Love Pattern reveal?


This program was created to help clients discover things about themselves that they may not have considered.  Its aim is to illuminate some of the crucial experiences and interactions that shaped them into the person they are today.  One who interacts and relates to others from these experiences having learned from the sum of all their interactions.  After we dig enough we step back with a broader lens to find that specific patterns begin to form.  Together these form what I call your Love Patterns - the fabric which shapes your experience with all those you love.

This is a 4 module course which should take about 5 hours to complete.  It incorporates guided reflection using journal prompts, visualizations, focused reading, scheduled breaks, and multiple personality assessments. It is 80 pages of pure magic created to help you mend or create a lasting relationship by doing so with yourself first.

Golden Steel Plate
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